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Meet Our Designer

From Paris to L.A.
Born and raised in Paris, our Designer, Josette Flicker, has fashion sense running through her blood. Her natural love for art, architecture, and design has inspired her many years as an interior designer and her current role as Founder & Head Designer at Describe Jewelry.

Her journey from home decor to jewelry design truly began ten years ago. Due to the recession in 2008, Flicker’s interior design work in Los Angeles became more scarce, but she craved the opportunity to continue creating beautiful designs and work with precious materials. She turned to her natural, intuitive love for fashion and began designing unique jewelry pieces that cross generations.

“When you are an interior designer you are the jeweler of the house, choosing material, colors, furniture, fabrics, accessories like lamps or vases in order to reveal and enhance the space. When I design jewelry it mirrors the creativity I enjoyed in the world of architecture and interior design, but now I get to help reveal an individual’s inner beauty and style.”


The Importance of Family
Throughout Flicker’s professional career, family has played an important role in her creative process. Her daughter, Sarah Flicker, has been working alongside her, encouraging and participating in the vision of Describe Jewelry. Sarah has also participated in the creative process of the Describe Jewelry line, adding her personal touch and high energy to the growth of the business.

Children are and have always been a big part of Flicker’s life. With five kids of her own, she couldn’t imagine creating a brand that didn’t appeal to moms and their children. So, she designs jewelry pieces that are refined, yet youthful, giving the wearer an opportunity to showcase personal taste and style.


Behind Describe Jewelry Designs
Josette Flicker began her Describe Jewelry with the dream of creating jewelry pieces that people could wear to be truly beautiful, confident and trendy, all while being true to themselves. Besides making women feel special, Jewelry should capture their essence and elevate their spirit as well. Jewelry allows you to be imaginative and expressive. This desire to evoke a stronger sense of self is mirrored in the Describe Jewelry logo, which was based on the shape of a pomegranate.

“I have always admired the shape of the pomegranate; it is a beautiful symbol for women. There is a crown-like shape on top of the pomegranate -- this is like the crown that I believe every woman (and individual) wears. It represents a person of immanence and her intrinsic value. Inside of the pomegranate there are multiple seeds, and these are like the facets of an individual’s personality -- our personal gems. The gems inside of us can be reflected by the gems we wear on the outside, and this is where jewelry comes in.”

Josette designs jewelry that make women look beautiful allowing them to project their personality, their mood and uniqueness as well. Although she loves fashion, Josette is not slave to it; she is focused on offering women the opportunity to create and accent their individual style. She finds beauty in authenticity and personality, so she enjoys designing jewelry pieces that women can wear when expressing themselves or looking for a new twist on their current look. Women should not feel bound by fashion but just use it as a springboard of inspiration.

Josette’s designs are available at a reasonable price-point, so all women can enjoy the opportunity to showcase all their multi-facets, their change of mood, celebrate different occasions, and express their inner-feelings by wearing jewelry this is beautiful, unique, and affordable.

“I offer you a palette to choose from. You decide the best way to describe yourself every day.”